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  • Festung Marienberg

    Festung Marienberg

    Festung Marienberg: The Pride of Germany Festung Marienberg is a famous landmark on the bank of the River Mains in Germany. It is an ancient monument. The German word ‘Festung’... Continue reading

  • Wattenmeer


    Wattenmeer: Germany’s Surreal Destination The Wadden Sea is the largest unbroken intertidal zone situated in the South-eastern part of the North Sea. The name of the sea is derived from... Continue reading

  • Sächsische Schweiz

    Sächsische Schweiz

    Sächsische Schweiz: Nature’s very own portrait of a Landscape This beautiful mountain, which happens to be located near Dresden, Germany, is no doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes human... Continue reading

  • Ruhrgebiet


    Ruhrgebiet: The former heartland of industry is now a beautiful cultural ground. Ruhrgebiet (or Ruhr) is the region once renowned for spewing steelworks and coal mines is now a widespread... Continue reading