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History of Speyer

Speyer is a pretty and easily walkable town full of attractive sights and a superb Christmas market in the winter. Speyer is a haven on the left bank of the Rhine River at the front of the Speyer River. Speyer is a city in Germany with 55,000 population. Speyer is not just a large city, but still a town of superlatives. It is not only the oldest town in the country but also has one of the leading churches in Germany. The village on the Rhine was found under the name Mark Spira by the Romans over 1000 years and was the middle of imperial authority. In the royal crypt of the Cathedral, 8 German emperors and kings hid, among them Beatrix of maroon, the wife of the famous Emperor Barbarossa. The Cathedral was build in the year 1024, so it is the oldest Romanesque church in the earth and since 1920 also a papal basilica. A stroll through the town reminds one at every step of the rich the past of Speyer. Most imposing is the Altprötel, part of the medieval fortifications and with 55 m the uppermost gate of Germany. Now it presents itself to guests as a contemporary and international city, with many attractions. It was one of the great cities of the Holy Roman Empire, founded in pre-Celtic times, taken over by the Romans, and prolonged in the 11th century by the Salian emperors. Between 1294, when it was affirmed a Free Imperial City, and 1570, no less than 50 imperial diets were convened here. The term “Protestant” derives from the Diet of 1529, referring to those who protested when the spiritual freedom decided to evangelicals at the Diet of 1526 was revoked, and a return to Catholicism was decreed. 

What is the most excellent time of year to go to Speyer in Germany

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  • Throughout the period of June, July, August, and September, you are the majority likely to knowledge good weather with enjoyable standard temperatures that drop between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).
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Cathedral In Speyer

Speyer Cathedral in the Rhineland-Palatinate area has long since ceased to be the main church in the western world. However, it is still the world’s main existing Romanesque church. Development began under Salian Emperor Konrad II, and the church was consecrated in 1061 under his grandson Heinrich IV. Its vast triple-naved vaulted basilica is the central constituent of a plan that is thought to have very much prejudiced Romanesque architecture in the 11th and 12th centuries. The mighty but very well-balanced main building, consisting of the nave and transept with four towers in a symmetrical design, enthused many other significant churches. A central magnetism that powerfully reflects the strength of the time is the fully potted crypt, which is the main Romanesque columned hall in Europe. As the funeral site for Salian, Hohenstaufen, and Habsburg leaders and their spouses, the tomb – and the Cathedral itself – stand for the ultimate symbol of medieval imperial power. The vast ‘cathedral bowl’ outside the main entrance is undoubtedly worth a visit. With a capacity of 1,560 liters, it had to be full of wine by every new bishop to keep the people content. Perhaps these are the origin of the Cathedral Wine Fair in spring at which Palatinate vineyards there their wines against the dramatic backdrop of the Cathedral. The International Music Festival is held at Speyer Cathedral every year in September and October. It skin concerts by choirs and orchestras, as well as organ recitals.


Technik Museum In Speyer

It is a technology museum in Speyer, Germany. At this technology variety, 1km south of the Kaiserdom, you can scale aboard a Lufthansa Boeing 747-230 climbed 20m off the area (and walk out on its wing), a 1960s U-boat that’s claustrophobic even on dull land, and a mammoth Antonov An-22 cargo plane with an all-analog cockpit and a nose cone you can peer out of. Other tourist attractions include the Soviet space shuttle, Buran. Its IMAX movies with a domed screen show science-related movies.

Cafe in Speyer

Here is some famous and top cafe in Speyer:

1. Springers Kaffeemanufaktur

2. Cafe-Konditorei Schlosser

3. Aran

4. Cafe Hindenburg

5. Cafe am Museum

6. Cafe Englert

7. Cafe Maximilian

8. Mediterraneo

9. SUMAS Cafe


11. Wonderpots Frozen Yogurt

Old Gate in Speyer

The Old Gate is the medieval western city gate of Speyer and is one of the unique 68 towers in the old walls and gates. Today it is one of the main and the majority architecturally crucial of the residual city gates in Speyer.

The Old Gate was build between 1230 and 1250 on the shell of the other tower. The bottom of the 13th-century tower leftovers as the base but, in 1511, Speyer’s mayor prearranged that the tower is rebuilt, so the top piece is newer. It was finished in 1514. It was initially built as an external gate, connecting the old town with the suburb of St.Gilgenvorstadt. A 20 meters high top was added in 1708.

Initially, the Altpörtel was constructed to mark the end of a “Via Triumphalis” that led from the city’s western entry to the Cathedral. The avenue was at first between 25 and 50 meters wide and had a length of 700 meters. On a particular occasion, the emperor would enter the city with a big entourage to travel down the avenue to the Cathedral. For safety reasons, the only openings on the gate’s west side are two rows of embrasures while on the eastern side, which is the inner side, the tower is more thinly crafted.