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Located in the forested and hilly Bergiches Land, Solingen is an upriver town on the Wupper. Nicknamed Klingenstadt, which means City of Blades, The town is known for its creation of scissors, swords, daggers, and cutlery, right from the time of the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, the town has towed the same line and today, it is home to industrial, water powered grinding mills and an enchanting museum.

There are many amazing things that make the city a top destination for tourists. If you are planning a visit to Solingen, Germany any time soon, you should plan to visit some of the below-mentioned historic destinations that give the city its rich culture and tradition.

  • Schloss Burg

This is one of the most valued historic destinations in the Rhineland. It’s a mountain castle situated over the Wupper Valley. During the early days, the castle was the seat of all Duchy of Berg before it was relocated to Dusseldorf around the 14th century. Today, Schloss Burg holds a top-rated museum that chronicles the historic culture of the building as well as the Bergisches Land. The armory is home to the harnesses chainmail, shields, and swords from the 1000s to 1200s.

  • German Knife Museum – Deutsches Klingenmuseum

Your visit to Solingen is not complete without a trip to the Deutsches Klingenmuseum. The German Knife Museum houses a wide range of blades, covering the fearsome swords that characterized the Middle Ages and the very rare Rococo cutlery. It is a fact that this museum is home to the biggest collection of historical silverware in the world. You can find personal dining sets, primitive spoons carved from bone and laser sharpened steak knives at this museum. One fearsome piece to watch out for is the medieval sword, Richtschwert, which was designed for beheadings.

  • Altstadt Gräfrath

Just like many cities in Germany, Solingen was also significantly affected by the Second World War. However, the district of Gräfrath was one of the few places that were spared from the effect of the war. The market square streets are beautiful, bordered by two to three storey timbered houses. These buildings are designed in Bergisches Haus style and they come with beautiful and stylish lintels and green shutters. Restaurants, ice cream shops, and cafes have been incorporated into these buildings to make them more functional. Altstadt Gräfrath is also the seat of the monastery church, which dates back to 1195. It was given a face-lift in the 18th century.

There are many extraordinary locations to explore in Solingen. Many of these locations have rich historical backgrounds that are worth exploring.