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  • Nürnberger Burg

    Nürnberger Burg

    Nürnberger Burg: A Medieval World One of the foremost historical monuments of the medieval old town of Nuremberg, the landmark of the city, and a part of the Historical Mile... Continue reading

  • Mittenwald


    Mittenwald: Scenic Germany The town of Mittenwald is among the most scenic spots in the Bavarian region of Germany. From this spot, you can experience the grandiose of the Bavarian... Continue reading

  • Marienplatz


    Marienplatz: The most famous town square Marienplatz or the Mary’s square is the most famous square located in the very heart of Munich. It is also often the starting point... Continue reading

  • Hamburger Hafen

    Hamburger Hafen

    Hamburger Hafen-cure your cruise addiction The Port of Hamburg has a mercantile history which recites the tales of its many success and prosperity. Its position in international trade and the... Continue reading