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  • Brot


    Brot – the amazing German bread When one talks about basics of eating in the German land, it is inevitably bread or Brot, one of those unscrambled institution which is... Continue reading

  • Hermitage Bayreuth

    Hermitage Bayreuth

    Hermitage Bayreuth: The Vision and Life of Margravine Wilhelmine The Hermitage located in Bayreuth has its origins in the year 1616 when Margrave decided to purchase an area of forest.... Continue reading

  • Prinzregententorte


    Prinzregententorte: Royalty tastes like heaven  Prinzregententorte or the Prince Regents Cake is a speciality item from the city of Munich. It stands among the top three food items of Germany... Continue reading

  • Magenbrot


    Magenbrot: The Sweet and Healthy Christmas treat Magenbrot traditionally speaking is a variety of sweet bread which holds similarity with the typical German gingerbread. The only distinctive factor between them... Continue reading