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  • Ostern


    Ostern: Life Begins From Easter In the Christian world, Easter just like Christmas incorporates within itself elements from both pre-Christian era and the Christian era as well. As far as... Continue reading

  • Nikolaus


    Nikolaus: Time to be a child again Nikolaus is a German tradition pertaining to the Byzantine Bishop of Myra, St. Nikolaus. He lived in between the 3rd and the 4th... Continue reading

  • Martinsumzug


    Martinsumzug: Time of Culture, Bonfires, Food and Sacrifice Martinsumzug is also known as Saint Martin’s Day in the Anglophone world and is religiously observed on the 11th of November each... Continue reading

  • Lametta


    Lametta: The Beautiful Invention of Nuremberg Lametta is a decorative material that is mainly used in decorating Christmas trees. Lametta is a long narrow strip/s that appears like an icicle.... Continue reading