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Sächsische Schweiz: Nature’s very own portrait of a Landscape

This beautiful mountain, which happens to be located near Dresden, Germany, is no doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes human eye could see. With its national park and various climbing areas, it has become the most popular mounting site in Elbe Sandstone Mountain.

The beauty that this hill offers proves that nature has transformed it into a landscape that could leave every nature lover in a state of awe, thus making it any mountaineer’s paradise.

This area happens to be very popular among international climbers and the locals of the nearby places.


Saxon Switzerland is located in south-east Dresden, Germany, just around the Elbe valley and is 562 m above sea level.


It is best suitable for the hikers to hike around the hills during the spring season as they would get an opportunity to explore the area properly and soak themselves in natural beauty. Hills are usually open all around the year, but due to heavy snow hikers, are sometimes restricted to explore the entire region.


Saxon Switzerland was once homeland to the Slavs and a part of the Bohemian Kingdom, inhabiting three Slavic tribes, The Nisane Tribe, The Milzane Tribe, and The Dacine Tribe, thus forming most of its economic and political landscape of the time. However, in the 15th century, it became a part of the Margraviate of Meissen, roughly forming the boundaries, currently lining around the area.

Due to its scenic beauty, by the 19th century, many people started visiting the area thus forcing developments to be undertaken by the authority, which resulted in the construction of the very first trolley bus, called the Biela Valley Trolleybus, in 1901.

The raw wilderness of the area had also inspired many famous artists like Ludwig Richter and Carl Maria Von Weber, who were so mesmerized by it’s view that they decided to show the electrifying beauty of the area with the help of their respective crafts.

This area became so much popular that during the Nazi era the word Schweiz was officially banned as it meant terrorist in German, thus resulting in the name change of the place to “Saxon Switzerland” amongst the locals.

 About The Region:

The region is filled with many castles in and around it, dating back to the 13th century. This was also the time when the German locals started to settle around the region.  Due to the ongoing conflicts in Germany, a systematic banishment of Bohemian influence undertook in the area thus leading to impromptu fortifications.  The fortifications were done to protect the borders surrounding the country, and local knights were made official watchers of these lines.  By the course of time, these fortifications started disrupting the economic balance of the area as they had lead to the destruction of old estates and many castles becoming ruined pieces of stones.  But around the 16th century, the situation became to stabilize once this region was captured by Wittens, who started preserving castles and ruins.

Some famous castles of the region are Konigstein, Frienstein, Neurathen, Tollenstein, Falkenstein to name a few.

It’s National Park is another striking feature of this region. Built in the year 1990, its main purpose was the preserve the natural beauty that the hills owned. It is into two areas, one being the “Polenz Valley” and the other region being the one which transvers the entire “Saxon Switzerland “. This region is known for its distinctive natural characteristics.

How to reach the area:

Within just a few years Saxon Switzerland has become one of the most popular hiking destinations in Germany thus forcing the authorities to build a proper traveling route for the tourists. Ranging from buses to planes, it has all possible option for anyone and everyone around the world to visit this exquisite location. With an extensive rail and road network Saxon is connected to most of the local, national and international networks.

Therefore, not just hikers, but every nature lover around the world, can enjoy the scenic view of the hills.

Why Visit?

This hiking paradise is not like any regularly hiking site with just overflowing natural beauty which the hikers get to witness at the end of their hike. Here they also get to be a part of some amazingly adventurous experiences.

“Boof” is an old tradition amongst the Saxon locals which means sleeping out in the open. Here one gets to sleep under an over hanged rock and waking up to a heart beat skipping view of the mountains around.

From a very long time sleeping under a ledge, tradition has ignited an urge amongst youngsters to experience the thrill once in their life.

Another unusual activity to be undertaken in this region is Rock Climbing. The Sandstone rocks have attracted many tourists from the very beginning. With over a 1,000 climbing routes, this region gives tourists a variety. From amateurs to professional rock climbers, The Saxon Switzerland has a route for anyone and everyone who want to experience the thrill of climbing at least once in their life. These routes are also considered as the origins of the “free climbing,” that is climbing without any types of equipment or ropes, thus depending upon the utmost wish of the tourist.

Other than climbing summits there are various steep paths also that the hikers could climb if they wish to wander around in the wilderness and experience a state of Nirvana in the silence of nature.  These steep paths include a range of ladders and steps to make the hike as comfortable as possible for the hikers.

Major Attractions:

  • Bastei and Neurathen Castles are a must to visit and witness the transformation that nature goes through over the years. The jagged rocks of these castles were formed by water erosion over millions of years ago.
  • Biela Valley is a beautiful river flowing between two mountains with a view that could leave anyone just amazed looking at it.
  • Ruins of Wehlen Castle.
  • Mount Gohrisch with its refuge hut.
  • Kirnitzschtal Tramway, a historically equipped valley.
  • Little Saxon Switzerland, which is a replica of the original natural park, in the Welhen village.
  • Obere Schleuse, a boat trip just around Hinterhermsdorf.
  • Rathen Open- Air Stage, a must-see theater for all theater lovers who want to experience open Roman Theatre experience.
  • Papststein with a Restaurant inside a Tower.

People from all over the world visit this place and enjoy some quality time here. If you’re planning to take a vacation and enjoy some time away from your job, this place can be the perfect option. Visit Sachsische Schweiz with your family and friends and enjoy exploring this picturesque location for days!